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July Birthdays and Anniversaries


5th – Mandy Woodall

18th – Elizabeth Whiting

18th – Jacob Ford

27th – Dennis Braid

31st – Miles Erickson

STP Anniversaries!

5th – Rae Taphouse – 1 year

6th – Zachery Hyder – 2 years

15th – Tom Nordhof – 4 years

16th – Eric Carlisle – 2 years

18th – Dawn Miller – 22 years

20th – Dan Gingell – 2 years

28th – Angie Crawford – 1 year

31st – Craig Craven – 8 years


Latest Tractor Guy

Congratulations to Angie Crawford (CSR) and her husband Randy on their latest addition Barrett Hoyt Crawford. Barrett was born on Friday May 5th, 2017 at 7:47 pm, weighing 7 lbs 4 oz, 21″ long.

Angie, Barret and big brother Landon (3 years old) stopped by Steiner’s today to say hello and give everyone their baby fix 🙂

April Celebrations

Birthdays ~

5th – Michael Mackenzie

9th – Dawn Miller

9th – Alex Mackenzie – Lucky 21

13th – Patti Pierce

16th – Steve Franklin

19th – John Craven

25th – Tricia Morrissey

Steiner Anniversaries ~

1st – Rebecca Thomas – 10 years (eMail Marketing)

9th – Elizabeth Whiting – 17 years (Project Management & Analytics)

13th – Christopher Wright – 1 year (Shipping)

18th – Vicky Roberts – 13 years (Clerical)

23rd – Tricia Morrissey – 17 years (Special Projects)

26th – Steve Franklin – 13 years (Quality Control)

30th – Mandy Woodall – 10 years (Returns)

Tiny Power

Front row: Aubrey, Emily, Grace, Kyleigh, Caty Middle row: Payton, Taylor, Izzy, Dara Back Row: Joe, Chris, Tim

These girls had a great basketball season this year and finished their season at 7-1 and finished 5th in their league.  They also earned the Sportsmanship award for girls 4th grade Red Cedar Basketball……but they didn’t want to be done with the season after the end of the year tournament they wanted more. So Steiner Tractor agreed to sponsor them in one more tournament in Olivet last Saturday March 4th where they finished 4th,  gained more experience, and had a ton of fun!!!!

Aubrey and her mom Emily posing for a picture after the game. Emily works in our purchasing dept at STP.

Awareness on Rare Disease Day

Although this post is not about tractors, it is about someone in our tractor family. We are posting this story today to help bring awareness to Phelan-McDermid Syndrome today on Rare Disease Awareness Day.

On June 10, 2016 Krystle Howell (CSR) delivered a beautiful boy. Dominik Brady Howell was born nearly a month early and weighed only 5 lbs 10 ounces. Immediately after delivery the doctors and nurses saw a red flag, Dominik’s arms and legs were very thin and had low muscle tone. They ran genetic testing and 3 weeks later the results came back that Dominik had Phelan-McDermid Syndrome. It was a complete shock as Krystle and Andy had no idea thru her pregnancy that there were any problems.

Phelan-McDermid Syndrome (PMS) is extremely rare, it affects about 1 in 5 million. It is sometimes called 22q13 deletion syndrome. It is caused by the deletion of the terminal end of chromosome 22 or the mutation of the SHANK3 gene. Most cases are not inherited but results from a de novo (spontaneous) mutation. In Dominik’s case it was completely spontaneous.

 Most people affected by PMS have cognitive delays as well as physical and health issues. Dominik has hypotonia (low muscle tone) which is a main issue for people with PMS. The future is a huge unknown, Dominik’s family have no idea if he will be able to speak or walk or function on his own without help, as it is such a variable syndrome. They have him in physical therapy to work on muscle strength and work with him daily to help him learn how to roll over, sit up on his own, hold his head up and learn to crawl.

Dominik’s mother Krystle said “Since birth Dominik has been hospitalized twice due to issues breathing, which could be caused by the hypotonia when he gets sick. He has already stolen our hearts and is such a little fighter. He lights up when he sees his big sister Danika and his smiles make you smile just as big. He has an uncertain future but we are all fighting to give him every advantage we can.”

For more information on Phelan-Mcdermid Syndrome visit the Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Foundation.

Welcome Little Rohan

Congratulations to Richard Hendershott (STP R&D) and Stacy Brown on the birth of their son Rohan Wayne Hendershott. Rohan was born at 8:24am January 16th, 2017 weighing 10 lbs 2 oz and 22-½ inches long. Mother and baby are both doing great!


The Gift of Giving

Gifts from Santa for our family.

This year the employees at Steiner Tractor Parts chose to work with three charities. Toys for Tots, WNEM food drive and a local family in need of help. With multiple donation ideas available it would have been easy for one to be neglected. But true to form our STP group came together and donated to all three.

Toys for Tots

Our Toys for Tots boxes were overloaded with 95 toys this year.

A STP employee came to us about a family in their area who was struggling this year. A great-grandmother in her 70’s raising two great-grandchildren under 10 after they lost their parents. When asked what she needed she only requested a few small things for the children, and possibly a pair of tennis shoes or a deep fryer for herself.  I am happy to say not only did she receive shoes and a deep fryer her and the children received clothing, toys and several other items as well as two large gift cards for Meijers and Walmart to help with any other items she may need after the holidays. Last month the employees also provided the family with food for Thanksgiving.

And last but not least two boxes were filled with around 50 food and clothing items for the Giving Back food drive for the Rescue Ministries of Mid-Michigan.