Here’s a little-known piece of Michigan tractor history: The Parrett Model 6, manufactured in Benton Harbor, MI.


The Parrett Tractor Company was founded in Illinois by Dent Parrett. His company produced 4 models of tractors from 1913-1920, but competition was fierce. Parrett sold his stake in the company in 1919 and went to work designing tractors for others.


Parrett was a brilliant designer with many patents to his name. He’s been honored as the inventor of the high-capacity clutch and the double disk brake. He designed tractors for many companies, including Massey-Harris, Sears Bradley, Co-op, and Cockshutt – but only a few models bore his name.

The last tractor to be sold as a Parrett was this Model 6, manufactured from 1935-1937. It was built in Benton Harbor, Michigan.


These tractors are very rare and difficult to restore. The pictures in this post are of the impeccable restoration job on the Parrett from Chuck Schneider’s collection, sold at the Mecum auction this past June. The final selling price was $27,000.