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See you at the Auction!

Mecum-ShorewoodHave you made plans to attend the Mecum tractor auction in Shorewood Illinois? 175 tractors are up for auction, including the Wayne Greenwood collection.

The auction preview will take place Friday August 5th from 12-6 pm. The auction will start on Saturday at 9 am beginning with memorabilia, then tractors.

Stop by the Steiner Tractor Parts table for a free catalog and say hello!

For more auction details visit Mecum Gone Farmin’

Wallis and Tractor Love

Last Thursday we had some visitors passing thru on their way back home to Indiana. Tom Atkins, Richard Singer, Craig Hoffman and George Lucy were in the area all week making sure all the tractors were running smooth in the Charles Schneider collection that will be auctioned off in June by Mecum Gone Farmin’ Auctions.

Tom was hauling a few tractors that got employees here at Steiners’ to run out and take a look. The Wallis and Love tractors are something we don’t see everyday around here.

Extraordinary auction to take place in Lapeer Michigan

As a premiere sponsor of Mecum Gone Farmin’ we are very excited for the upcoming tractor auction in our own backyard. The Charles Schneider collection will be auctioned off in Lapeer, only 30 miles from Steiner Tractor Parts. For all the details on this upcoming auction check out the press release by Mecum Auctions below.
Charles Schneider Auction - Mecum
Gone Farmin’ To Offer Extraordinary Collection Of Rare Orchard, Grove and Vineyard Tractors

More than 100 tractors to be offered June 4 at Gone Farmin’s inaugural on-site auction

Walworth, Wis. – April 13, 2016 – An exceptional group of some of the most unique and rare tractors in the world will be offered Saturday, June 4 at the Charles Schneider Estate in Lapeer, Michigan. This high-caliber assemblage of more than 100 tractors is recognized as the world’s largest orchard, vineyard and grove collection. Schneider also has a strong interest in American and European finely detailed streamlined tractors. This will be the first time that the Mecum Auctions Gone Farmin’ division has conducted an auction entirely from a collector’s private storage and display space.
Two distinctive tractors to emerge from this notable collection are the 1938 Minneapolis-Moline UTOX (Lot S1) and the 1938 Minneapolis-Moline UDLX (Lot S2). It is immensely rare to see one of these tractors at an auction, and to have both offered at one auction is extraordinary. There were only 26 UTOXs built and very few are known to still exist. This tractor is the first one known to be offered at public auction.
Other high-profile tractors in Schneider’s collection include the Plymouth Orchard, which is the only orchard model of the 214 known. Another main attraction is the Sheppard Diesel SDO-3, one of two known survivors—a model of which only 12 were produced.Parrett OrchardMassey-Harris 44 Orchard and Ford 9N with an aluminum hood, as well as a fine collection of more than 250 signs, clocks, farm relics and collectibles will also be offered at this event.
“We’re pleased to offer this impressive collection on-site at the Schneider Estate,” notes Dan Mecum, president and founder of Mecum Auctions’ Gone Farmin’ division. “It’s an honor to conduct an auction of this magnitude directly from the home property of our consignor. Some of these rare tractors rarely surface to auction, and we’re excited to be a part of this great offering.”

The Michigan country estate of Charles Schneider will also be offered on June 4 at 12:30 p.m. This estate is comprised of 40 acres that includes a 5,000-square-foot home with a five-car heated garage topped by a spacious 1,780-square-foot second-floor guest suite. There is also a 20-foot by 40-foot in-ground swimming pool, renovated two-story heated round-roof barn and several additional heated storage buildings. An additional 200-acres is also available.

The auction is open to buyers and spectators with complimentary general admission. Bidder registration is $25. A bidder badge is required to gain seating access to the auction area. Doors open June 4 at 7 a.m. An auction preview day will be held June 3 from 3-6 p.m.

For more information about this event, visit or call (262) 275-5050.

About Mecum Auctions
The Mecum Auction Company has been specializing in the sale of collector cars for 29 years, now offering more than 20,000 lots per year. Headquartered in Walworth, Wis., Mecum Auctions is the world leader of collector car, vintage and antique motorcycle and Road Art sales. In 2010, Dan Mecum launched the Gone Farmin’ tractor division within the company and has since grown it into a thriving venture now offering four auctions each year. For further information, visit or call (262) 275-5050. Follow along with Mecum’s social media news and join us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.

The Charles Schneider Estate
2681 Hadley Road
Lapeer, MI 48446
June 4, 2016
Admission: Complimentary//Bidder Registration: $25 – a bidder badge is required to gain access to the auction seating area
Preview: Friday, June 3 – 3-6 p.m.
Auction: Signs, farm relics, collectibles begin at 9 a.m.//Estate auction begins at 12:30 p.m.//Tractors begin at 1 p.m.

Sale Superlatives

These are the firsts, the best, the top sellers, and the most exciting tractors that crossed the auction block this past weekend at the Mecum Gone Farmin’ auction in Davenport, IA.

Top Seller:

Quite a few first or only tractors were sold, but this Little Giant tractor was one of the biggest show-stoppers. According to Mecum’s researchers, it’s the first Model B that was sold and the oldest Little Giant in existence. Want to take a guess at the sale price? It’s listed at the bottom of this article.

little giant

First in its Model:

I love this 1935 John Deere D Industrial. It’s the first of 91 Model D Industrial tractors built. The special pneumatic tires are really eye-catching. It was consigned from the Cass and Hyler John Deere Collection, and like others from this collection the restoration was really pristine. It sold for $80,000.

john deere d industrial

Boldest Paint Job

The unusual (and accurate) color combination of this Lamborghini 1R really stands out! It’s extremely rare and very cool! Sale price: $29,000.


The Oddest:

Okay, this is pretty subjective – but the tractor that seemed the oddest to me was this Graham-Bradley 103. I love the long, sleek design. I’ve only seen a handful in person, even though they were manufactured in Detroit (near my hometown). I’ve never seen one that was restored this well – it’s a really beautiful piece of machinery!


The Lowest Serial Number:

This Minneapolis-Moline G1000 LP has the lowest serial number, being the first of this model that was manufactured. It’s been well maintained and overhauled, but it’s still in its work clothes. I have a real soft spot in my heart for Molines, but you don’t even have to be a Moline lover like I am to appreciate this gem! The gavel fell at $10,000, which was less than the owner’s reserve.


The Best Pedal Tractor:

Okay, this one is subjective – but I LOVE this pedal tractor! I had a Moline pedal tractor as a kid, but it was a different model – this Z was custom built. I would have loved to have this as a kid in order to match my Grandpa’s MM Z. It sold for $900. That’s (almost) too much to let your kid play on. It wasn’t the highest selling pedal tractor (two others sold for $1,000 each), but this is the one I would have taken home if I could.


The Most Steiner Parts Catalogs Given Away:

So many friends stopped by the Steiner table at the Mecum auction that we ran out of catalogs! Wow! Thanks to everyone who came by. It was so fun to see old friends and meet new ones.

Oh, and that Little Giant? It sold for $90,000.

Thanks, Mecum Gone Farmin’ (Little Giant and JD D Industrial) and Harley Ann Schlichenmeyer (Z Pedal) for the pictures.

What’s so special about the $40 K Farmall H?

If you haven’t heard the news, a Farmall H tractor sold for $40,000 at the Mecum Gone Farmin’ Auction on November 7. That’s not a typo – it was really sold for forty thousand dollars.

farmall h mecum

After an interview with John Kennay, the man who sold this tractor at the auction, I’ve got the inside scoop on why this tractor was worth so much. Here’s the story.


First things first: this really is an incredible selling price for a Farmall H! There are plenty of Farmall H tractors still around – hundreds of thousands were produced, and here in Michigan you can usually by a Farmall H for as little as $1,000. These tractors are loved by many (my dad included – here’s his story), but I’ve never heard of one selling for more than $9,000 – and that one was something really special. Even a great restoration rarely brings more than $5,000.


What makes this tractor so special is highly original condition. Plenty of people enjoy restoring tractors, making them shiny and new again – but there’s also something to be said for the unaltered original. That’s exactly what you have in this tractor – nearly as original as you could imagine.

farmall h mecum 1

According to John, the tractor was bought new by an elderly farmer from Monroe, IL. The bachelor farmer and his sister ran an 80-acre family farm, with around half of it planted in corn. The farmer used the tractor to cultivate his 40 acres of corn one year, but never used the tractor for farming again – choosing instead to rent out the land. The tractor sat unused and was later passed down to the farmer’s niece, who kept it for sentimental reasons but rarely pulled it out of the shed.


14 years later, John and his father purchased the tractor. They are dedicated Case IH men, using red power to farm 2,000 acres in western Illinois. John and his father recognized that the H was something special and kept it well-preserved. John estimates that in the time he and his father owned it, they got it out only once or twice a year for short rides around the yard.


John’s best guess is that the tractor has only 200 hours on it. The tractor’s condition certainly supports this. It still has red paint on the fan belt and the gear shaft rod. Even the piece of cloth tape that the factory put on to hold the spark plug wires together is still there.

farmall h mecum 2

While John knew he had something special, he never expected the tractor to sell for so much. John and Dan Mecum had originally settled on a reserve of $7,500, but on sale day John and his wife agreed that they would let it go for as little as $6,000. When it came up to the auction block, the selling price hit $10,000 in a heartbeat. The bids climbed to $20,000 so quickly that the auctioneer jumped straight up to $30,000! The bidders soon thinned out, and two buyers marched right up to $40,000. The winning bid went to a man from Connecticut.


So what did John do with his unexpected windfall? John agreed that it felt a little bit like winning the lottery – “I was so happy!” he said. Later that day, John bought a beautifully restored 1206 Wheatland as a gift for his father. “My dad is still farming at age 89,” John explained. “He’s always wanted a 1206 Wheatland,” so when it came to the block John couldn’t resist. Together with his father, John brought the 1206 back to their 2,000 acres in Illinois.


Here’s the moral of the story: if your grandpa’s Farmall H is sitting in the back corner of the barn, untouched and in highly original condition, think twice before taking it in for a paint job!
What a story! Thanks, John for sharing with us. 

farmall h mecum 4

Photos from Mecum.

Mecum Gone Farmin’ and Steiner Tractor Parts

2015-Mecum-Iowa-HeaderWe will be joining our Mecum Auctions friends at their Iowa Premier Gone Farmin’ Tractor Auction in Davenport, Iowa on Friday, November 6, 2015 through Saturday, November 7, 2015.

Come and see us at the Mississippi Valley Fair Center! We will be on hand with our free 2015 print catalogs and tractor repair tutorial DVDs. Be the first to stop at our booth and receive a free orange and camouflage Steiner hat. Limited supply, one per attendee. Check out auction details. See you at the auction!

Join us at Mecum Gone Farmin’ Tractor Auction

2015-Mecum-HeaderWe’ll be joining our Mecum Auctions friends at their 6th Annual August Gone Farmin’ Tractor Auction in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Friday, July 31, 2015 through Saturday, August 1, 2015. Come and see us at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center! Rachel of “Wrenching with Rachel” will be on hand, along with our free 2015 print catalogs and tractor repair tutorial DVDs. Be the first to stop at our booth and receive a free pink Steiner hat. Limited supply, one per attendee. Check out more auction details. See you at the auction!

Farmall Super H-TA Tractor


Some people like a tractor that’s one-of-a-kind. Many collectors scratch this itch by nosing out prototypes or super-low production tractors, but others go a step beyond and make a custom tractor of their own! Chris Brunsvold is one of those men. He’s full of ingenuity and perseverance – just look at his latest special project!


If you are thinking, “Wait, I didn’t know Farmall made a Super H-TA!” then Chris has done his job well! This very convincing custom project was sold at the Mecum Gone Farmin’ Auction in Davenport, Iowa last week. But don’t be fooled by the custom decals and expert mechanical work – Farmall never made a Super H-TA. Chris didn’t let that stop him, though!

To create this custom machine, Chris started with a 1954 Stage II Super H Farmall. He replaced the H rear end with one from a Farmall 300. He completely rebuilt the engine and installed a new clutch. He topped it all off with new lights and a custom set of decals.

Thanks to Chris’s great work and the work of other creative fabricators like him, plenty of people have become confused about this model. It’s definitely a head-turner, but the TA wasn’t offered on this size of tractor until the 300 was introduced. While the technology to add a TA option to the H was in place during its production (the Super M, after all, had a TA option), Farmall never produced this tractor.


A custom project was nothing new to Chris. He’s also built a Farmall Super HD-TA tractor, which was a compilation of a Farmall Super H, 350 diesel engine and 300 rear end. He enjoys tractors but also thoroughly enjoys his antique car projects.


Keep up the good work, Chris. We love seeing custom projects.


On the Road with Rachel: Mecum Gone Farmin’ Tractor Auction

I’ve just returned home from a weekend at the Mecum Gone Farmin’ Tractor Auction in Davenport, Iowa. What a blast! Suzette Thomas and I represented Steiner Tractor Parts at the auction on Saturday. We got to meet many of you and make some new friends, too. The Mecum auction is one of the better rare tractor auctions in the country, filled with jaw-dropping finds from all around. Here are some of my favorites from the sale:

MM G706 LP

1962 MM G706 LP with front wheel assist. Here’s a picture with the proud new owners, Everett and Diane Hauert. They have a collection of front wheel assist tractors. While their collection is mostly red (IH), they are certainly excited to welcome this prairie-gold beauty to their collection.


IH 1588

This 1974 International 1568 caught my eye as soon as we got on the grounds. How could anyone not notice!? This tractor has a rare V-8 engine and was one of just 862 built. This tractor sold for $36,000 plus the 4% buyer’s premium.


John Deere

This John Deere 4520 drew plenty of attention, too. Notice that it has an adjustable front end and a standard wide-swing drawbar. It is a fabulous tractor with the power steering, dual front stacked weights, side council and dual hydraulics. This tractor also has a rockshaft delete (no 3 point hitch). On Saturday, this tractor sold for $25,000 plus a 4% buyer’s premium.


Case high clearance

Up next on my list is this 1957 Case 400 Super diesel high clearance. This tractor was one of eight built, making it the lowest production tractor at the auction. This tractor sold for $26,000 plus 4% buyer’s premium to a Case collector in Iowa. He, of course, was excited about his purchase.


John Deere 4040 Vegtable

Arguably one of the most rare (and desirable!) tractors at the auction was this John Deere 4040 tractor with a factory convertible front axle. This tractor sold for $24,500 plus 4% buyer’s premium. I forgot to take my own picture at the sale – thanks, Mecum, for lending me yours!



photoAt the Steiner table we handed out catalogs, our new mini-catalog and Wrenching with Rachel DVDs.  We also held a drawing for a free t-shirt every 15 minutes. I enjoyed meeting many of the Steiner customers and people who watch our tractor repair video series and follow this blog.

If you missed us at this show, don’t worry – there’s a full season ahead! Up next on our calendar is the Gone Farmin’ Nashville 2nd Annual Country Classic Tractor Auction, June 5-6. I hope to see you there!


How about you – what tractor events (auctions, shows, etc.) are you looking forward to this season? Let me know in the comments below.