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Install a Farmall H carburetor


Do you know we have a new IHC replacement carburetor for the IH/Farmall H and W4 series tractors? Watch this free instructional video demonstrating its installation. In this newest series of tractor repair videos offered online at SteinerTractor.TV Rachel takes you step by step to remove your old carburetor and install our IHS3383 on a Farmall H. You will also learn how to adjust the carburetor which will ensure years of good performance. Start watching today >>

Need more dimensions on a part? Check our website

QuestionsThe print catalog is great. We are very proud of the work we’ve done on our catalog and we know that our customers love to have one in hand. However, space is limited in the catalog, but unlimited online.  In many instances we’ve added additional measurements and dimensions to our website that aren’t found in the catalog.  In addition, many times, we spell out the various tractors that a product fits whereas in the catalog, we have to abbreviate and list year ranges etc.  So, if you find yourself wishing for more information on a part you are looking at in our catalog, we have a few recommendations.

  • Search our site by part number – In most cases this will land you directly at the product detail page. If you are taken to the search results page, you may see information in other tabs, under General or Social or Video.  Take a moment and look at those other tabs, sometimes we will have additional information or details on a part on our blog or in a helpful how to document.
  • Once you are on the product detail page, make sure to read through all of the information. When available, at the bottom of the description, there will be a link to some additional information or to a diagram.  Sometimes the diagrams will contain more detailed measurement information (particularly true in the case of seat components and carburetor floats).
  • If you still aren’t seeing the measurements that you need to determine if a tractor part will fit your machine, then send an email to our customer service department.  We’ll see if we can get the appropriate measurements and then we’ll list them on our site to help out future customers.