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Case 511B

1958 Case 511B

My Dad bought this 1958 Case 511B new in 1959 and it’s one of the first tractors I learned to drive. I thought it was time for some needed repairs and a new paint job. I got it finished with some parts from Steiner TractorParts. It stills runs great.

Larry Ratke
Arapaho, Oklahoma

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Sitting in the Shed

Setting in the Shed
Setting in the Shed – 1957 Farmall 450 Diesel

Back in college I was helping a farmer in the Summer and saw it setting in the shed, and fell in love. It was a 1957 Farmall 450 diesel with TA. He said it hasn’t run in years due to a bad injector. So I am 29 now and 2 years ago it came up for sale so my Dad and I purchased that same tractor.

I was able to find a used injector online and got it running. It needs a radiator due to a hole in the top and a few minor things like a tachometer, headlight wiring, and I did drain 15 gallons of water from the transmission. But it dyno’s at 58 hp which was enormous for a 50’s tractor. And only being produced from 1956-1958 it is rather rare.

I have always loved IH/Farmall tractor since I was little. I have recently acquired my late Grandfather’s restored 1945 Farmall H, and I know he would of loved to see what I’ve accomplished so far with the 450. And it sounds killer with a straight stack. I plan to use the tractor in parades and to use it around the farm when making hay, not work it too hard,  just enough to keep it from dying a slow death from just setting around. I feel all old equipment should have its legs stretched at least once a year.

Jake Rygiel

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1950 Farmall M

1950 Farmall M
My name is Michael Hollst, these are pictures of my dad, Gilbert Hollst’s, 1950 Farmall M that he bought new. The tractor was sold to our cousin, Wes Zaugg in 1974 at our farm sale after my dad got sick and we had to quit farming.

Farmall M My two brothers, two cousins and I still own the original farm outside of Yutan, Nebraska  that our great Grandfather bought in 1874 from the original RR homesteader. My cousin Wes restored my Dad’s old Farmall M to better then new condition, added power steering, an Oliver 3 point, fenders with a 2 way hyd system. He then replaced the tires and anything else it needed. He then straightened all the tin work and painted the tractor International red in Imron paint. Wes then sold the tractor back to my brothers and I ( at a very low price ) so that it could in his own words “go back home where it belongs”. I will always be grateful to my cousin for his hard work & kindness for selling us our dad’s tractor back, it will be a treasured heirloom in our family.

The picture of the small boy on the Farmall M is my 3 year old nephew, Lane sitting on his favorite tractor, which is now his according to him. Which makes him the 4th generation to drive our Dad, Gilbert’s tractor.Farmall M

On a side note I also have my Grandpa Hank Hollst 1936 F-20 that I am currently collecting parts for to restore, the majority of the parts are coming from Steiner’s. The F-20 was my Grandpa Hanks first tractor, which he always told me he traded two teams of draft horses and $300 for the tractor.  I would like to dedicate them in my Dad and Grandpas memory and credit the restoration to my cousin Wes Zaugg,

Thank you

Michael Hollst
Elkhorn, Nebraska

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Super M Restoration

Restoration of Super M

Before picture of Super M

This 1953 Super M purchased by Tom Schram in 2017 to help advertise their auction business (Schram Auction / Gretna, Nebr.)  The tractor didn’t run and had sat for several years.  The tractor was in good condition and very original it had been stored inside.  Tom’s brother (John) restored the tractor and did a first class job.  John is standing by the tractor in the finished photo in his shop.  
Most of the new parts were purchased from Steiner as they are good quality and fit well.  Steiner provided a radiator, cross shaft for clutch and brake pedals, wiring loom, gauges, muffler and light parts.
Schram’s are friends of mine and I help them with harvest.  I was with Tom when he purchased the tractor and stopped by the shop as John did the restoration.  I attend quite a few tractor shows and it would be tough to find a nicer or more original Super M.  This tractor found a good home.

After picture of Super M

The odd looking pulley in the before photo is for v-belts powering an irrigation pump.  Last assignment for this Nebraska tractor before being sold.
Dwight Anderson
Omaha, Nebraska

St Jude’s Raffle Tractor

Raffle Tractor

Take a moment to check out this Farmall M. Then learn how you can help the St Jude’s Children’s Research hospital and have a chance to win this raffle tractor. Visit the Tunica Raffle site here for information on buying raffle tickets, and learn more about this worthy cause.

St Jude Tractor Raffle

Image from Matt Butler


My name is Robert DeBerg. I am the current President of the National Antique Tractor Pulling Association, Inc. (NATPA). I would first like to express our thanks and gratitude for all your company does in the restoration and preservation of parts and information for our antique and classic tractors.

Second, I would like to say thank you for the support and your helpful parts used on the St Jude’s Foundation Fund Raiser – tractor which the NATPA is also strong supporter for this wonderful cause.

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May Featured Photo

May’s featured photo was submitted
by Bill Luecke of Kansas.
“On March 1st, 2012 I purchased this Oliver 2150 from Richard Kreger in Jetmore, Kansas. This is 1 of only 14 made in this configuration. The tractor is a Wheatland model with a planetary rear axle, 478ci Hercules engine, 130 horsepower, over/under hydraul-shift and has serial number 209290-657. It was very sound mechanically, but very bad cosmetically. I removed the cab and restored it. I repaired the doors, installed all new glass, replaced all the padding and even got the air conditioning working. I sandblasted everything, primed it with epoxy primer and painted it with PPG Essential polyurethane. I put everything back to original as much as possible. In April of 2014, I finished the restoration.”
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Restored MM UTI

Restored Tractor

Restored Minneapolis Moline UTI

Originally his dad’s tractor, bought off the line in 1946. Bob’s dad traded it in 1958 for a new tractor.

In 2014 Bob’s bulk fuel man found the tractor about 60 miles from their homestead in South Dakota. Bob went and pulled it from the field, and restored it back to original.

This picture was taken in 2017 completely restored with many STP parts.

After the Restoration

The South Central Threshing Bee located at Braddock, North Dakota is featuring my dad’s once owned Minneapolis Moline UTI tractor in honor of the Minneapolis Moline farm equipment manufacturer this year.  This annual event is scheduled the first weekend after Labor Day.  The attendants paid, right to entry badge will serve as a two day pass to this threshing event which is featuring this unique restored MM-UTI’s picture on the badge.

The SOUTH DAKOTA magazine printed and published at Yankton, South Dakota under the editor-ownership of Bernie Hunoff, is including tractor pictures and a story about the history and accomplishments of this MM-UTI tractor.

Robert Thullner
Herreid, South Dakota

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Tractors Connected the Three of Us

Three Tractors One Family

Here are my 3 tractors. My Great Uncle’s DC Case tractor I recently purchased and will be restoring. A 1929 Case “C”, and the picture is at the church where we had my Grandpa’s service. And my 1941 Farmall H that my grandpa gave me when I was little. I restored it two years ago for him and is my most prized possession. He was so proud. All three are at WMSTR in Rollag, Minnesota every year. You guys are a great company! Thanks for supplying everything we need to keep these machines going!

Case C

Case C Tractors

The story behind the C is that I bought if for my Grandpa to use. He had cancer and could no longer get up on the H. So I purchased this one so he could manage to use it when he needed. Grandpa got to see it the day I bought it. But unfortunately he never got to use it, he passed shortly after. The reason why we chose to use it at his service is so he could get one ride on it with me. He was the one who taught me how to drive a tractor. So he was able to get a ride on the C I bought for him. I had the job of carrying his urn with me to the cemetery.

The other two have very special stories too.

Farmall H

The H was given to me by my Grandpa when I was little. Grandpa purchased that tractor when he bought his own farm. When he purchased it he drove it all the way from Fargo, North Dakota to Hawley, Minnesota, on the highway. He used to use it for digging, hauling bales, plowing, and many other things. It was kind of the “go to” tractor on the farm.

Ever since he gave it to me he wanted me to restore it and get it looking nice so it could be at Rollag. In summer of 2016, I made his dream come true. I restored it at a cousins house (approximately 10 miles from his house). And just like him, drove it all the way back to his farm, on the highway. We never showed him any pictures during the restoration, so he was shocked when he saw me roll into his driveway. It was a very emotional and meaningful moment to both of us. But I could tell he was proud. I am so happy I restored it when I did, because he ended up passing away  in October. I am so glad he got to see his tractor, finally restored. And he got to see it at WMSTR in Rollag too. I call it “Grandpa’s H”.

Case DC

Case DC Tractors

The DC Case is a tractor that belongs to my Great Uncle (my Grandpa’s brother). This is a tractor that he bought years ago to use around the farm. He and my grandpa used it for many of the smaller jobs. My grandpa always talked about how nice the tractor ran and how smooth it was. However, he did think the steering system was odd. Over the years, my Great Uncle and my Grandpa worked on this tractor and made their own repairs to it. About four years ago, my Great Uncle told my Grandpa to ask if I would be interested in buying it. My Grandpa brought it up, and told me that he thinks I would really like it. So I went and looked at it with both of them. I took many pictures and really wanted to buy it, and told him I needed to save up some money first.

The Final Project

When my Great Uncle saw how the Farmall H turned out, he really wanted me to get this one. Back in November 2017 I asked if he was still interested in selling it to me, and he said yes. I know both him and my Grandpa wanted me to have it, so I felt like it was the perfect thing to do. So, my Great Uncle sold it to me for $300. I have gathered parts and I plan on getting started on it in the Spring. Hoping to have it at Rollag! This tractor means a lot to me because it has the repairs that him and my grandpa did on it, as well as it was the tractor they used around the farm for many years. Now I have a tractor from both my Grandpa and his brother. Tractors connected us three so much, and for that I am forever grateful. I live my life, wanting to make my grandpa proud, and I know buying that tractor would make him ecstatic. Tractors are truly something that connects us and many others. It’s just awesome.

Jacob Lee
Hawley, Minnesota











Farmall 200 Back at Work

Farmall 200

Farmall 200

J’ai donné un tracteur Farmall 200 1954 à mon mari pour sa fête en mai 2010. Il n’était pas en bon état on a essayé de le faire réparer mais sans succès. Un jour un ami Pierre Lorrain nous dit qu’il acceptait de nous le remettre en fonction et de le remettre en neuf. Il a fait un miracle. Il est comme neuf et tout fonctionne grâce à Pierre et à votre site ou on peut avoir les pièces pour ces tracteurs. Même la pelle fonctionne. Mon mari est super content. Donc merci à vous et à Pierre.

Jacques Clermont
Quebec, Canada

I gave a farmall 200 1954 tractor to my husband for his party in May 2010. It was not in good condition we tried to have it repaired but without success. One day a friend Pierre Lorrain tells us that he would get it back into operation and refurbish it. He did a miracle. It’s like new and everything works thanks to Pierre and your site where you can have the parts for these tractors. Even the shovel works. My husband is super happy. So thanks to you and Pierre.

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Summer Days on My John Deere

Summer Days on My John Deere

Summer Days on My John Deere

Growing up, I spent many summer days on my aunt and uncle’s farm. My uncle had primarily John Deere model A or model B tractors, so that is what I became familiar with.

Many years later when I had my own place with 26 acres, I was able to acquire a John Deere model 50. I’ve used it mainly for grading or clearing the driveway, hauling a hack rack full of brush, and most importantly fun family hayrack rides a couple of times a year. i’ve had this tractor for 20+ years and feel very fortunate to have it here and functional today!

Gary Waniska
Tecumseh, Kansas

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