1948 John Deere AR

Littlejohns-2I recently bought this 1948 John Deere AR (unstyled) from New Liskeard ON. The tractor was my father-in-laws father’s tractor on the family farm. The tractor was purchased brand new in 1948 and kept on the farm until September 2014 when I bought it and brought it down to North Bay. The final destination will be Collingwood ON where I will be doing a full restoration to bring this old girl back to life. My son, father-in-law and I will be doing the 3 generation project starting in the later part of 2015. I will soon be a regular shopper on the Steiner website! Can’t wait!


Trevor Littlejohns
Nottawa, Ontario

1960 Case 430

I’ve always liked the color combination of the Case Desert Sunset and Flambeau Red. Growing up on a farm we had a Case 730. A while back I began keeping my eye out for a 30 series tractor to restore. Last winter I found this 1960 430 with a “For Sale” sign sitting along Rt. 460 in Virginia. I started the restoration in November and the completed picture was taken on January 1st of 2015. It would have been finished a little sooner but just as I was beginning to put the sheet metal back on the water pump decided to begin leaking. At least I wasn’t finished putting everything back together! Thanks to Steiner Tractor Parts for their help in providing parts for my restoration.

Thomas Wilson
Boones Mill, Virginia

Tractor Story – 1954 John Deere 70

AfterMy completely restored 1954 John Deere 70 gas. With my godfathers help we resurrected this machine from a hedgerow near our home after fifteen years of sitting with a seized rod bearing. After two and a half years of meticulous labor, it’s again like new, with the help of a lot of Steiner parts!

Ryan Findlay
Osceola, New York

12 Fun Things To Do with Your Antique Tractor

There’s nothing quite like the joy of bringing an antique tractor back to life. Once your restoration project is complete, bask in the glow of a new-again tractor with these fun ideas:

tractor show










1. Show it off! Parades and tractor shows are a great way to celebrate your accomplishment and meet new friends.

2. Plow a garden – for yourself and all your friends. Go overboard and plow up the entire yard? That’s what seeding implements are for.

tractor working the field international harvester 504








3. Start a small business delivering brides to the altar at outdoor, rustic weddings. This trend is really catching on – contact a local wedding planner to get started offering your services.

4. Park the tractor in the front yard and add a couple of scarecrows for cute Halloween tableau. You can decorate your tractor for Christmas, too.










5. Some dads run alongside their kids teaching them how to ride a bicycle. My dad ran alongside a tractor. Do the same for your children (or grandchildren) and instill a love for antique iron in the next generation!

 tractor pulling








6. Hitch up the wagon and haul something! From firewood to hayrides, you can find plenty to haul.

7. Go to a tractor pull. You’d be surprised at how powerful a restored tractor can be, even without modifications. Look up recommended hitch height in original literature – it’s the key to success.

8. Blade the driveway. Do a good deed and take care of others in your neighborhood too. When spring comes, remember: a landscape rake can work wonders on a muddy gravel driveway.

9. Speaking of doing a good deed: Volunteer to help members of your local Boy Scout troop earn their Farm Mechanics badge.

10. One thing I love almost as much as vintage farm equipment is square dancing. I went every week for years at the local senior citizen’s center until they kicked me out for being too young! Next time I get the bug, I plan to combine these loves by finding a tractor square dance. Yes, they exist!

11. Drive into town for ice cream. Just use your slow moving vehicle sign, stick to back roads, and enjoy the slower pace (and great gas mileage!)

12. Plant a food plot for wildlife, either on your own land or at the home of a local hunter. Conservation societies can provide valuable advice on design and placement, providing critical winter wildlife habitats.

13. Arrange a visit at a local preschool or kindergarten. Every child needs to meet a tractor!

Antique tractors are at their best when they are being used. I hope these ideas inspire you to get yours out of the garage and have some fun!

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