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Massey Harris 44 ~ Think Pink

Douglas-KirbyMassey Harris 44 special. I was raised in the welfare system and put out on a farm at age 13. There I learned to drive my fisrt tractor. After many years I found and restored a 44 special. This is my tractor I use in parades. This tractor had set for 18 years when I got it so I had my work cut out for me . It runs super well and I love it.

Douglas Kirby
Catawba, Wisconsin

1941 Farmall A ~ Think Pink

Murray-BennettThis 1941 Farmall A started its life with the Canadian military – being used to pull aircraft around. Shortly after my dad came home from the Second World War, he purchased the tractor from an Army Surplus Store in Smiths Falls, Ontario. Growing up as a young child, I have very fond memories of dad teaching me how to drive the tractor, and I will never forget the pride I felt as I drove all over the farm, my dad standing behind me on the drawbar. At one time, the tractor planted over 350 acres with a 4-row corn planter. My dad built a wooden plow to plow snow with it, and we’d even retrofitted it to milk cows! Unfortunately, in the early 1960s, as our needs changed, my dad decided that it was time for an upgrade, and the A was sold to a neighbour for $400.00. My dad passed away unexpectedly not long after that, but I never forgot about the old Farmall A that had such an influence on my early years. I learned that the neighbour had since sold the tractor, but amazingly, I was able to locate it fairly easily, as it had been sold to another neighbour. So, a quarter of a century after my dad had first brought that Farmall A home, I was $1200 lighter and it was back in the laneway of our family farm, in much worse condition than it was the last time I watched it drive away. I set to work restoring and overhauling the A, and went on to use it for many more years around the farm, including using it to teach my own children how to drive a tractor. It has been to parades, won plowing competitions, and been a constant, special reminder of my father who was taken far too soon.

In 2011, I was preparing to repaint it and do some major work to it, and had it completely stripped in my shop. Due to very unfortunate circumstances, my beloved tractor ended up outside in a field, completely exposed to our harsh Canadian winter, where it sat for the next two years. Using Steiner parts and a lot of patience, I slowly started to piece my tractor back together. Even after I had spent countless hours sanding, painting, and reassembling, I still had no idea whether or not the engine would even fire. I will never forget that sunny August day when I started that old tractor up, and it sounded like it had just come from the factory. So, 73 years later, with a few modifications, my Farmall A is still going strong, and I hope that it will be for many more years to come. I have included a photo of it laying in the field, and what it looks like today, with the restoration almost complete. FARMALL!

Murray Bennett
Ontario, Canada

1960 John Deere 730 Diesel – Think Pink

Thames-GoonMy father bought this John Deere 730 Diesel new in 1960. It was the only tractor, in all his years of farming, that he ever bought new. I was 6 years old at the time and can remember the dealership delivering it on a cold October day in 1960. I started driving it the following spring plowing and disking. This tractor was used for many many years on our farm. I came home one day in 1992 and asked as to where the 730 was. Dad informed me that he had traded it in. I was heart broken.

In 2004 I decided I was going to try to find the 730. With serial #7323346 in hand I started my quest. After 8 years of following leads and making phone calls I finally located it. I jumped in the car and proceeded to go look and make sure it was the one. The gentleman told me it hadn’t run for 6 years as we walked to an old barn. He opened the door to an area in the bottom of the old bank barn and there she set. What an emotional moment it was. You could see she had not moved for a while. I asked if he would consider selling it. He informed me that he really didn’t want to sell it. But after 2 years of calling and talking about it the gentleman agreed that it meant more to me than him and he would sell it.

I got it home and what a mess it was in. I started doing a total nut and bolt restoration. The day I finally got her to roar back to life was just as great as the day I remember them deliving it to the farm as a child. My father was able to help me some with the restoration before becoming ill. I finished the project just 4 days before his passing. He wasn’t able to see it in person, but was able to see pictures and video of it running. He just smiled and said ” now thats the sound of pure power”. We talked and shared stories about this tractor many times while working on it. He sat down one time, with a calculator, and just smiled and looked at me and said ‘as close as I can calculate we drove this tractor from Indiana to California and back in 4th gear”. This tractor will always be a part of me, my children, and future generations to come.

Thames Goon
Warsaw, Indiana

1959 Minneapolis Moline 4 star – Think Pink

Dylan-HaasThis is my 1959 Minneapolis Moline 4 star. The tractor was originally my 3 great-great uncles who were bachelors and farmed all their life. In 2004, they all retired and had a huge farm auction to sell everything but a few of the tractors they still needed to mow the grass and push the snow; everything else was sold.

Among the tractors that were left was the 1959 Minneapolis, 1850 Oliver, and a John Deere A. In the years since the sale, the three brothers passed. As we were working on the Oliver about 2 years ago, I asked my Grandfather what that was he said, “It’s a Minneapolis Moline.” At that time I had never heard of the brand. He said the land renter wanted to buy it so I let my Grandpa know that I thought it looked cool because it was different then all the other tractors. I told him that I would like to restore it to keep the tractor in the family. I bought the tractor from my Grandpa in January of 2013 and took it home and started the cleaning and restoration process with the help of my Dad and Grandfather. A year later we had it completely restored and ready for paint. When it warmed up, we began the painting process and finished the restoration in August of 2014. I now take the tractor on tractor rides and to tractor shows. For as long as I live and hopefully longer, this tractor will stay in the family.

Dylan Haas
Yankton, South Dakota

Ford 8N – Think Pink

John-AlexanderMy wife and I purchased a house in Northern California with 5 acres. I suggested we needed a tractor and of course she said we didn’t, well you can tell by the look on her face that she loves it !!!!! Not only can I not get her away from it but it is now her profile picture on Facebook and the main topic of most of her posts .
John G. Alexander Jr.
Oroville, California

John Deere 730 ~ Think Pink

Amanda-MillerOn Christmas morning 2011 we awoke to a beautiful “White Christmas” which is rare for West Texas. We looked out the window and the most beautiful site was our ‘Poppin Johnny”, 730 John Deere covered serenely and artistically with snow. There is seldom rest on the farm, but the tractor seemed to enjoy the rest and peace of Christmas too.

Amanda Miller
Floydada, Texas

1947 Farmall Cub – Think Pink

Anna-StanleyThis is a 1947 Farmall Cub that was restored by my husband, every nut, bolt etc. was dismantled, sanded and painted. This is truly a labor of love and we don’t discriminate, we love all old iron and would enjoy restoring all. Thank you Steiner , your company helps to bring these guys back to life which again we truly love.

Anna Stanley
Blountville, Tennessee