1945 John Deere B


It’s a 1945 B John Deere my Grandfather bought new. He was a dry land farmer in eastern Colorado and used it to cultivate and spray. He gave it to me and I will soon be restoring it. It seems to me that  it may be a BN due to the single front tire and it’s a lot smaller then the normal B.

Calvin Percy
Littleton, Colorado

SCRAP Club ~ Tractors on Parade


The SCRAP club moves their tractors from their display at the  
Sandusky County Fair on the monday evening after the fair ends on a  “Tractors on Parade” ride to the clubs show grounds, White Star Park,  Gibsonburg, Oh. & for the past several years, as they enter the park  form our version of “script Ohio”    The 26th annual show starts this  labor day w/end, saturday thru monday.

Achieve a Smooth Tractor Ride

AC-Governor-Parts-HeaderAre you dealing with an Allis Chalmers D17, WC, WD, WD45, WF, 170, 175 that is fast and furious? Restore those worn cam, crank and governor gears and governor weights for the smooth throttle response and timing that the engine had when it was new. These parts are made to OEM factory blueprints at a fraction of OEM cost. Order today!

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Ford 8N & Wagon Restoration

Cleaning out the dairy pens with a 1948 8N was my first job when I was 8 yrs old.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA In 2003 my wife found a basket case 8N for sale and bought it for me. I took 4 months to restore it in time to have our 10-yr-old grandson, Luke, drive it in the local parade. He won a blue ribbon. I still had my childhood tractor key for the 8N and over 50 years later it worked in the restored tractor. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Wagon-Before Then… I began searching for running gear so we could build a parade wagon for our grandkids. Just 5 miles from our home I found one sitting in the weeds on a farm where the old wagon had been used to haul irrigation pipe. After pumping up the tires (yes they took air) We hauled it home and with a cutting torch stripped it down so a new frame could be made to receive wooden rails and benches. We built a nice step on the back and seats to haul 15 people. We even wired a 12 volt system so we could have LED lights on the wagon. 8N-Wagon-After Maiden voyage with the tractor and wagon was for one of our granddaughters 9th birthday with her friends. Then Christmas caroling. By-the-way the 8N serial number is: 24342 (A Palindrome- reads the same backwards). Now we are finished another ’48 8N which will be a twin. Our grandkids (as well as myself) are all learning to drive these great tractors of history. Thank you Henry Ford and Harry. And thank Steiner and others like them who keep this wonderful enjoyment going.!

Dick Shrader
Modesto, California