46th Annual Mark Twain Old Threshers Event

Old-Threshers-OverviewFirst of all, thank you for Steiner’s support in the 46th annual Mark Twain Old Threshers event. We had a very good turn out even with rain everyday leading to the event. As you might know, Missouri is swamped with rain and that week brought us an additional 8 inches in three days prior to our event.

Due to the flooding of roads, our Tractor Ride was shortened from 40 miles down to 28 miles as many of the country roads were closed. However, we still had a good turn out (with inclimate weather ) and enjoyed a good ride.

Old-Threshers-2 On the parade route day (which is a big deal in small town MO), we had over 45 tractors in the parade through town in addition to the floats, bands etc. This was a great success.

This is the first year at our event to have tractor games. It was 97 degrees in the shade (and shade was hard to find) but we had 10 tractors participating in 6 games. This made for some fun entertainment for the crowd. Old-Threshers-4

Your support of oil funnels, tshirts, etc was well received and put together some nice grab bags from you and our other sponsors. The catalogs flew off the table as many of the older guys do not rely on internet, and really like the catalog. I like the conversations…. “look at page 78, wasn’t that the part you were looking for?”… was heard a lot.

Again, thank you Steiner Tractor Parts for supporting these small town events.

The IH Hawaii Dress

Here’s a neat find from the recent Red Power Round-Up – an authentic IH dress! This dress belongs to Doug and Connie Etzkorn, who were kind enough to let me try it on. What a gem!

ih hawaii dress united airlines rachel gingell

Details on this dress are hard to come by. My best guess is that it is from the 1957 IH Dealer’s Convention, a huge event which included many levels of incentives for IH dealers who met or exceeded their sales goals. According to a 1957 press release (courtesy of the Wisconsin Historical Society), a ten-month sales campaign culminated in a trip to Los Angeles for more than 600 dealers and their wives.


For the 131 dealers who had exceeded their sales projections by 60% or more, the excitement continued with an all-expense-paid 5-day trip to Hawaii. What a treat! My sources indicate that this dress and matching shawl was made for that special event, along with coordinating shirts for the men. It’s a little unclear who received them (all attendees, or just the workers?), but they make a fabulous collector’s item today!

IH mens shirt hawaii

The material is full of 1950s flair – palm trees, tropical flowers, happy couples receiving leis, a United Airlines plane, and the words “Tom McGuire welcomes you” and “Nellie McGuire welcomes you.” The IH logo is, of course, scattered throughout the print as well.

tom mcguire welcomes you international harvester memorabilia  Nellie mcguire welcomes you international harvester farmall hawaii

While the dress I tried on has a tan background, one with a blue background (and up-close looks at the print) is available for viewing here. A travel book and pin (featuring the Hawaiian Holiday) is available here.

rachel gingell ih dress


Join us at Mecum Gone Farmin’ Tractor Auction

2015-Mecum-HeaderWe’ll be joining our Mecum Auctions friends at their 6th Annual August Gone Farmin’ Tractor Auction in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Friday, July 31, 2015 through Saturday, August 1, 2015. Come and see us at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center! Rachel of “Wrenching with Rachel” will be on hand, along with our free 2015 print catalogs and tractor repair tutorial DVDs. Be the first to stop at our booth and receive a free pink Steiner hat. Limited supply, one per attendee. Check out more auction details. See you at the auction!

Replace your distributor bushing with our handy kits

Distributor Bushing Kits

Replace your distributor bushing with our handy kits

Can’t keep your points adjusted? Check for play in the distributor shaft. The bushing may be worn and need to be replaced. Try one of our USA made kits, complete with all the parts necessary for replacing the bushing in your Delco distributor, IH 353898R11 horizontal distributor or Ford Jubilee – 4000 4-cylinder tractor. View kits >>

What’s the Big Deal with the Allis Chalmers G?

The Allis-Chalmers G is a real head-turner. Even people who aren’t “tractor people” notice these interesting machines. More than any other tractor in the AC line, the G has a huge fan club. One farmer near my home has 40 of them!

The G features a really innovative design that allows the farmer to see what he’s doing, since putting the engine in the rear of the tractor keeps the crops front-and-center. Here in Michigan, lots of small produce farmers continue to use these tractors – there’s nothing quite like them on the market!

DSC (9)

So why does the Allis Chalmers G inspire such devotion? Here are some reasons:

  • Ease of visibility. Like I mentioned before, the rear-mounted engine makes crop cultivation a lot easier. No need to turn around to watch the cultivator behind the tractor.
  • Plenty of attachments. Allis-Chalmers designed a full line of implements to match. Cultivators are probably the most common, but also available was a planter, disc, plow, sickle bar mower, belly mower, loader, manure spreader, and a front-mounted hay rake. While some of these were less popular (you’ll want to be sure of the wind direction before using the manure spreader or the hay rake!), they make very interesting collector items.
  • Affordability. In the last year of production (1955), these tractors cost just $970. While impeccably restored models go for a lot more today, you can still find tractors in their “work clothes” for a reasonable price.
  • Traction. The rear-mounted engine gives lots of traction to the rear wheels. This is especially helpful when working with crops that like rich soil.
  • Easy to service. The Continental engine is a breeze for any mechanically-inclined person to work on.

How about you – do you love the Allis-Chalmers G? Share your story in the comments below.

DSC (13)