John Deere 730 ~ Think Pink

Amanda-MillerOn Christmas morning 2011 we awoke to a beautiful “White Christmas” which is rare for West Texas. We looked out the window and the most beautiful site was our ‘Poppin Johnny”, 730 John Deere covered serenely and artistically with snow. There is seldom rest on the farm, but the tractor seemed to enjoy the rest and peace of Christmas too.

Amanda Miller
Floydada, Texas

1947 Farmall Cub – Think Pink

Anna-StanleyThis is a 1947 Farmall Cub that was restored by my husband, every nut, bolt etc. was dismantled, sanded and painted. This is truly a labor of love and we don’t discriminate, we love all old iron and would enjoy restoring all. Thank you Steiner , your company helps to bring these guys back to life which again we truly love.

Anna Stanley
Blountville, Tennessee

1947 John Deere B ~ Think Pink

Thomas-WeetsMy grandson and I restored his 1947 John Deere B he told me he needed a wagon to pull behind it so we restored and old wagon to match his tractor. Was a nice day here one day a few weeks ago so we hooked up the hay wagon and went out for a hay ride was a fun afternoon.

Thomas Weets
Osage, Minnesota

1941 Ford 9N

Ford_9N_1941_6_I’m retired for two years and I have always loved to refurbish old agricol equipment. Last year I refurbished a New Holland Manner spreader, model 512 and this year it was our Ford 9n 1941. It is thanks to your site and your support that I achieved the results you can see.

Ford-9N-BackMerci une fois de plus pour votre bon travail.

John Shore
Québec, Canada

John Deere M ~ Think Pink

gage_and_maw_mawWhere do I even start. I am a single mother of 2 boys, 11 and 18. My dad has always talked about owning an antique tractor. He bought his first one around 2006, a John Deere B that needed a good amount of TLC. Needless to say that was the start to the madness.

The next purchase was a John Deere M (pictured above) the excuse, my mom needed one to drive. They began to do a few Christmas parades and such and had tons of fun doing it and soon we all became jealous. Our family is so big, 4 children and 6 grands, that we obviously needed a wagon to pull, that way we could ALL participate. After much convincing we found a wagon to pull behind the M. The fun was just beginning!!

Not long after my youngest set his sight on his own personal tractor and would not stop until it was his. This took about a year but I soon surprised him with his very own tractor, just like his PawPaws, only smaller. We had to do a few modifications, as he was too small to reach the clutch, but it worked and he was soon riding high on his John Deere. I don’t know who was happier him or PawPaw. The little one is not the only one who loves old tractors, they have a place in the heart of my oldest. He loves to get one out and challenge his brother to a good old tractor race, or just ride along side his PawPaw or MawMaw.

It has now been several years since we began our family affair with antique tractors. What began as one John Deere B has turned into 3 John Deere tractors, 2 Farmalls and 1 well lets just say it is a combination of several, we call it our redneck tractor. I can never express how thankful I am to my Dad for introducing all of us to the world of antique tractors. It has not only brought me closer to him but my boys and I closer together. We enjoy tractor shows, parades and some times just a family ride down the road on them. These are the memories I will treasure forever!!

Signe Creason
Morton, Mississippi

Allis G Round Up

Here are a few pictures taken at the 2014 Allis G Round Up in Gadsden, Alabama.  On display, the first G Allis-Chalmers tractor built.  “Since Gadsden was where the G’s were produced (except for this one) we still had some of the former workers there to see this one.” said Diane Turner.  The show was for all makes and models of antique tractors, including some little guys on peddle tractors. Everyone had fun and even the rain couldn’t dampen their spirits.

1957 Farmall 450 ~ Think Pink

Kobey-SwartsThis is our 7 yr old daughter Gentry who has claimed her Papas 1957 Farmall 450 diesel. The shirt says it all “Farmall Girl” and she is thru and thru. Even going as far as not eating green M&M’s or drinking from a green straw! Her Papa purchased the tractor from his Uncle and was restored this past spring and summer. If you ask her why she loves THIS Farmall over the rest its a pretty short answer “cuz I can make it smoke!”

Kobey Swarts
Parkersburg, Iowa

1952 Allis Chalmers B ~ Think Pink

Steve-ParsonsThis is my wife’s dad giving his approval on the restoration I did on this 1952 Allis Chalmers B that he farmed with for many, many years. The old tractor now lives a life of retirement, going to tractor shows, and helping throw out candy at the local Christmas parades.