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The sound of a Johnny Popper

John-Deere-Bill-Russell1947 John Deere B restored by owner Bill Russell and Kepley and Son Tractor Repair and Restoration in Salisbury North Carolina in the fall of 2011. Tractor was originally purchased from John Deere in Omaha Nebraska.

Having grown up on a small dairy farm in northwest Pa. on a John Deere I always loved the sound of the johnny poppers. I purchased my 1947 John Deere B from a pumpkin farmer North of Omaha Nebraska in the Spring of 2001. I worked on restoring the mechanical parts in 2004 – 2006. Then I moved to North Carolina, parking the tractor in my garage until August of 2011 when I hired Kepley and Son Tractor Repair and Restoration to help me finish the project. Working together we finished the 1947 John Deere B December 2011. What a pleasure it has been.

I’d love to locate the original owner and share the story in details with that family. This tractor was sold originally in Omaha Nebraska.

Bill Russell
Salisbury, North Carolina