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Tractor Stories – Grandpa’s Tractor


When I was little I remember Grandpa still farming. I don’t remember him using horses but his 1957 John Deere 520 stuck with me. My dad was a chemist by trade but still found time to help grandpa around the farm when he needed a hand. Finally, grandpa thought it was time to retire. We had a friend of the family continue to farm but then the John Deere just sat in its shed. When I was in High school I used it mainly to keep the weeds down in the field by pulling a brush hog around. I went to college, started a job and moved into my own home, but it was still nice going back and mowing and hearing the two cylinder pop, pop, pop. Unfortunately it was different now because in the meantime Grandpa passed away.

Grandpas JD after Barn FireThe 520 didn’t have a lot of hours on her and her sheet metal was in good shape. I thought about giving her a face lift but before I could our barn burned. The tractor was in an attached shed and didn’t take the brunt of the heat but still ended up in pretty bad shape. Dad said if I didn’t want her I could let her go with the rest of metal when the remainder of the barn was salvaged. Somehow I couldn’t do that. It just didn’t seem right. Grandpa bought her new at a local John Deere dealership which had closed its doors long ago. I had the original purchase slip and operators manual as well. So, I had her hauled to the farm of the man who still continued to farm our farm so she wouldn’t disappear in the confusion.

We did build a new pole barn. It didn’t hold the same memories and history as the prior one but in the end we turned a page in the book and moved on. I did bring the 520 back to the new barn with all intentions of restoring her. I kept my eyes open and purchased two other 520s to use for parts to assist in the renovation. I had taken her apart and had the bulk of her parts sandblasted and painted. A few years went by and somehow I didn’t find the time to bring her back to her original beauty. In talking around I did find a local person who had a small collection of the 20 series two cylinders. He agreed to do the restoration for me. We loaded her up with all of her parts and additional parts from the other tractors.  A normal restoration is an undertaking in itself but going through a fire complicates everything. I wasn’t in a rush but he felt he could have her done over the winter. I would repeatedly stop by to check on the progress and see if anything was needed. The engine had worked fine but everything else was taken apart bolt by bolt. We came to a point where a variety of parts were needed. We made up a parts list. I had one of the Steiner Parts Books handy and began doing further research on what was available. I ended up needing a couple pages of parts. Everything from bushings, to gaskets, to a steering wheel, to weights. The list seemed to go on and on. But to do it right everything on the list was needed. It was a pleasant experience to speak with one of the knowledgeable staff to assist in the process. Over the span I made several orders and didn’t break the bank doing it.

She slowly took shape and bolt by bolt she started to look like her old self again. When grandpa bought her she had the basics but no hydraulic outlets, three point hitch or fenders. We made a few changes to JD 520 Finished via Camera 2009upgrade her so we added all of these. Now she’s finished and looks better than ever. I was hoping to have her done so my dad could also appreciate her but unfortunately he passed away before she was finished.

Even though she looks great now I’ve had her out to plow and disc. She’s been to a “plow day” with a variety of tractors of her area who appreciate a hard day’s work in the field.

Dave Miller
North Canton, Ohio


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QuestionsThe print catalog is great. We are very proud of the work we’ve done on our catalog and we know that our customers love to have one in hand. However, space is limited in the catalog, but unlimited online.  In many instances we’ve added additional measurements and dimensions to our website that aren’t found in the catalog.  In addition, many times, we spell out the various tractors that a product fits whereas in the catalog, we have to abbreviate and list year ranges etc.  So, if you find yourself wishing for more information on a part you are looking at in our catalog, we have a few recommendations.

  • Search our site by part number – In most cases this will land you directly at the product detail page. If you are taken to the search results page, you may see information in other tabs, under General or Social or Video.  Take a moment and look at those other tabs, sometimes we will have additional information or details on a part on our blog or in a helpful how to document.
  • Once you are on the product detail page, make sure to read through all of the information. When available, at the bottom of the description, there will be a link to some additional information or to a diagram.  Sometimes the diagrams will contain more detailed measurement information (particularly true in the case of seat components and carburetor floats).
  • If you still aren’t seeing the measurements that you need to determine if a tractor part will fit your machine, then send an email to our customer service department.  We’ll see if we can get the appropriate measurements and then we’ll list them on our site to help out future customers.

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Tractor Stories – 1955 Farmall 100


I wanted to thank everyone at Steiner for all your help and advice on my restoration. You all were very helpful and it was greatly appreciated! There are a lot of Steiner parts on this tractor and thanks you Steiner it turned out great.
    This tractor was bought new by my Great Grandfather in 1955. He used the tractor on his farm in South Alabama for many years. My Grandpa has told stories to me about using the tractor when he was in his teens and some were very interesting. One of his stories was when he was plowing on a hillside and turned the tractor over, bending the muffler and bending some of the sheet metal. After taking it to the dealer it was fixed and was back to work. After my Great Grandfather passed away the tractor was passed down to my Grandfather and then to my Dad.
    The last time the tractor was used was around 1986 or so and has sat on an old fence row ever since until I decided to restore it. The engine was full of water and many hours of restoration was spent getting it looking and running good again. But it was well worth it. I attached some before and after pictures. Again Thank you very much for all your help.

Blake Terry
Trinity, Alabama

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Tractor Stories – 1953 Farmall Super H


My Farmall Super H has traveled through several family members and many miles since it was bought in 1953. My mom acquired the tractor when her dad, my Grandpa Don Egger, passed away in 1984. The story from grandpa was that he bought the Super H on his brother Vernard’s farm sale. The owners manual said however, that Delbert Egger, grandpa’s other brother, bought the tractor new in 1953. We now believe that when Great Uncle Delbert passed away suddenly in 1956 and his machinery was sold that Great Uncle Vernard bought the tractor. Subsequently, when Great Uncle Vernard had his farm sale in the early 70’s Grandpa Egger bought the tractor to keep it in the family. The tractor had been used on the farm for an auger and mower tractor and I just remember thinking how “slow” the tractor went down the road when I drove it as a kid.


During the summer of 2004 friends of mine, Roger, Dean, and Norv, and I decided to take a 10 day  With_kids antique tractor drive from Yankton, SD to the Nebraska-Kansas border. I knew that I wanted to restore Grandpa’s 1953 Farmall Super H for the drive. Because we had been using the Super H we only changed the narrow front end to a wide front end to make it ride better, put on some new tires and gave it a fresh coat of paint. We drove approximately 250 miles traveling gravel roads, pulling a couple of homemade trailers, sleeping at camp grounds and making friends along the way!


In 2005 Dean was unable to join us but the three of us decided that we would travel from the west border of Nebraska to the east border so we started at Pine Bluffs, Wyoming. We stopped to surprise relatives at Sterling Colorado and then traveled around 400 miles to the Iowa border. American flags were an addition to all of our tractors this year which brought additional attention to our travels. We were interviewed by a couple of small town newspapers, a TV station and radio station. Again, we met wonderful people and heard lots of stories.


Family In 2006 we joined the Iowa tractor drive a day late as we had our CortlandFest Antique tractor show on the day it started. We started at Waterloo Iowa and head across Iowa with over 100 tractors. The ride was very well organized and all stops for food, breaks, and over night stays (in motels) were pre-planned. We had a great time and met a lot of antique tractor enthusiast but decided that we were more cut out for the three of us just traveling by the “seat of our pants”! That year we traveled approximately 330 miles.


In 2007 we decided to start at Cortland and travel across Missouri to Dupo, Illinois to see a friend. We had a large group of tractors join us the first couple of days but by the time we got to Brownville, Nebraska it was just the three of us once again. This was our longest trip yet – 460 miles – and our biggest challenge was getting across the Illinois River, so we hopped the ferry. We spent a few days in Dupo with our friends and then loaded the tractors on our semi flat bed and headed home! Yes, during our travels Mom and Dad would drive the semi and either drop us off so we could drive back home or come pick us up!


During these trips we met a lot of wonderful people who fed us, helped with repairs, let us camp in their driveways, and shared their memories of growing up on the farm and the tractors that they drove. Even though we have not gone on any “long” tractor drives since 2007, we still take the tractors out and drive them to tractors shows in Lincoln, Wilber, Sterling, and of course Cortland. Last summer my three year old granddaughter, JayLeigh, decided she loved going on tractor drives and she likes riding on her great-great grandpa Egger’s tractor!!

Troy Moormeier
Cortland, Nebraska




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