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Holiday Party at Steiners


On Saturday, November 13th, Steiner Tractor Parts invited their employees (and significant others) to a holiday dinner at Brick Street in Grand Blanc Michigan. It was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to get together and enjoy a delicious meal and good company.

Managing to have the group together in one place prompted Dan Steiner to request a picture in front of the fireplace, does anyone see the fireplace :).

Kenny McKinnon (shipping) missing from picture.

For more pictures view the 2010 Christmas Party.

Does Your Tractor Have What it Takes?

Tractor Photo Contest

Do you think your tractor should be on the cover of the Steiner Tractor Parts 2011 catalog? If you said yes make sure and watch for our Tractor Photo Contest beginning the end of June.

If you are not already signed up for our email list make sure and do so now so you can be one of the first to know when our contest starts!

More details will be coming soon!

Tractor Restoration Stories

J0432645Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to send in your pictures and letters of your tractor restoration projects. I have added some of the recent letters to our Tractor Stories book. Please take a minute to check them out and send a message to those who have shared their work with us.

If you would like to see YOUR story and pictures online please forward them to me by email or USPS and I will send you a Steiner Tractor Parts hat for FREE.


Steiner Tractor Parts
ATTN: Suzette
1660 S. M-13
Lennon, MI 48449

Black & White Photos of John Deere

While I was tweeting today, I came across an interesting photo gallery of Black and White photos. There are also a LOT of comments about the photos and many of the people posting included photos of their favorite tractors in both color and black and white. I thought this was really cool. Most of the tractor discussions on the net happen on tractor related forums or message boards. I found this really interesting and thought some of you might find it enjoyable as well. Here is the link:


Guest Blogger: Elizabeth

Potential Buyer looking for Information from one of our Customers

j0434757 So, we have a potential buyer on MyTractorForum that is looking for some pictures of our stainless steel exhaust for Ford 8N, 9N, and 2N installed on someone’s tractor. I’m wondering if any of our customers would be able to help him out? Here is a link to his original question. You could either reply to him directly by uploading your photos to MyTractorForum or, you can email me and I will be glad to post a reply. The part he is interested in is our Ford Stainless Steel Exhaust, FDS468. It would be great if a verified buyer could post some pictures for all to enjoy. This is a high quality, American made product, but pictures would speak a thousand words.

Thanks for your help!

Press Release Lands Steiner Tractor Parts in the Big Apple!

We issued a press release this last week about the industry leading technology we've been employing to better serve our customers on the web.  We included a photo with our press release and this photo was displayed at 5 different times on the Reuters sign in Times Square in New York City on February 20th! The Reuters sign is the largest digital display board in the world. Here is one photo taken at the time our ad was being displayed. Steiner Tractor Parts in New York

Also, our photo was displayed on the Fashion Show Mall sign in the heart of the Las Vegas strip 9 different times on February 19th and February 20th! Here is one photo that was taken of our photo and headline in Las Vegas.  Steiner Tractor Parts in Las VegasWhile I don't think that we will be reaching many of our customers through those billboards, after all, not many antique tractors plow through Times Square every day, we do take it as a good sign of the times that the national media is showing interest in some good news from the heartland. I don't know about in your towns, but around here all that has been on the news is doom and gloom. We thought now was a great time to release a positive story about the advancements we've been able to make with technology.

We've been able to reduce costs and increase our level of service through creative use of technology and we hope to continue that trend.  From 2008 to 2009, we were forced to increase some prices, but the majority of our parts remained at the same price and in fact, some items were reduced in price!  Also, we've been really trying to add value to the services that we offer our customers.  You will now find parts easier on our website with our new search feature.  We've also added tractor stories and pictures from our customers to help you find another venue to show off the hard work that you've put into your restoration project.  Also, you can chat on-line with our personnel allowing you to get answers to your questions without ever leaving your computer.

So that is our positive news story, how about upbeat news from your town? We would love to hear some good news stories from our customers and friends.  Has your town had a successful farm show? Maybe a business in your town is expanding?  Perhaps a collector group has raised money for a charity? Please feel free to share them here with links to the story on the hometown paper if you would like!  I think that all of us could use a little good news right now!  Also, as always, if you have any ideas for additional value added services you would like to see us offer either on-line or off, please feel free to share them with us.  We love hearing from our customers!