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Tractor Stories – Super MTA

Super MTA 8-3-2011 002

Super MTA 8-3-2011 003

I bought a Super MTA out of a shed that was destroyed by a tornado in Mt Carmel Illinois on August 3rd 2011. All the sheet metal, exhaust and steering wheel were crunched. With help from Steiner Tractor Parts the Super MTA was restored and in line on Sept. 11-2011 for the Knights of Columbus Journey for Charity Tractor cruise. See the before and after pictures above.
John Jasper

Tractor Stories – 1950 John Deere G


The pictures are of my John Deere Model ‘G’ Tractor that my uncle bought new in 1950 from Casement Implement of Fordville N.D.
My cousin Lawrence had the tractor for many years but it was left outside and rusted out the radiator and all the water pipes. The engine was stuck on one piston and the tires were all cracked up. I called it a real ‘rust bucket’. However all the metal was in good condition. After a year of restoration with lots of  parts from Steiner Tractor it turn out very nice.
Dennis C. Helt
Park River, North Dakota

100_0712 100_0713

Tractor Stories – 1952 Ford 8N


I found a 1952 Ford 8N Setter in an open shed which had been sitting for 10+ years.  I was interested in restoring it so I asked the man who owned it if I could buy it.  He said that it was his dad's tractor who had passed away several years earlier.  He sold it to me so that it would not sit there and ruin away.  It was in bad shape.  The gas had dried up in the tank and had stopped up the gas bowl and carburator.  One tire was flat and the others were low.  It had no brakes.  The brake pads and coils were bad and the clutch was stuck. 

     My plan is to totally restore it so that one day I can pass it on to my 4-year old grandson to enjoy.

Raymond R. Weathers
Laurens, SC

Honorable Mention – Family B


This story is about my 1940 John Deere B that has been in my wife's family since it was purchased new by her great-grandfather in Pleasanton, KS.  We got it from her grandfather, who is still living at 93 years old, who had purchased it from his father in 1944.  We consider it a 5th generation family tractor since one of our daughters will own it someday.

Before  It is also a great barn find story as it sat in the barn for about 25 years before I got it.  It came up in conversation one day at my in-laws that something needed to be done with that old rusty tractor so the rest of the barn could be used for cows. I immediately asked what they were talking about and found out there was an old B that had been in the family since new that none of the kids wanted.  I spoke right up and claimed that tractor and went down to the barn to see it for the first time.  I had been within 200 yards of the tractor many times over 2 years and never knew it was there.  We pulled it out in April 2009 and finished a complete restoration in April of 2011. During   It needed everything from new tires to a new cylinder head.  Now it stays in the garage and just completed its first parade this month.


Jay Pruett
Shawnee, Kansas

Honorable Mention – General to Avery


General to Avery.

My father purchased a General which we believe is a 1939-1941 and I grew up on that tractor from age 5 or 6.  I couldn't reach the clutch so I slid ahead of the seat on the transmission platform and by wedging my back against the seat, I could push the clutch which I later had to have back surgery to correct the injury.  The Tractor was sold at his sale and my brother later found who purchased it and bought it back.  My son then purchased it from my brother and we just had the motor rebuilt and are in the process of redoing it, hopefully this summer it will be done.  

In the mean time, I purchase and Avery A (1947) and restored it as it was almost the same as the Avery A being redone 1-08 006 General.  I also have an Avery Twin Row but have not restored it.  Both the A and the Twin Row have the origional Wards tires and is all origional.  I do have more of the restoration pictures iif you would like them.  The General is worn much more and my father had replaced the engine as the old one wore out along with the tires.

It is great to have these tractors that have had such a part of our lives and history.

Hayden Stone
Deckerville, MI

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Tractor Stories – Oliver 99 Industrial


This 99 Oliver Industrial was purchased at the David Meade estate auction at Dutton Montana by Cari Vogel Ostberg (Dale’s daughter) who lives in Montana. The serial number 70072 makes it a 1941 model year.

From 1939 to 1945 the industrials were also called ‘50’. The 99 industrial tractors were made from 1932 thru 1947. This particular tractor is set up to run dual rear wheels. The 99 has 4-3/4” bore with a 443 inch displacement. The fuel tank holds 34 gallons. The cooling system holds 9 gallons of water. The crankcase holds 3 gallons of oil.

The 99 was brought to Wisconsin in 2006 and restored in 2007 by Dale Vogel of Fennimore Wisconsin.

The 28-44 models became the 90 and later became the 99. The 90 and 99 AG tractors were made from 1937 thru 1957.

Dale  & Alice Vogel
Fennimore, Wisconsin


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