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IHS958  IHS958 NEW International 9" Clutch Kit Fits: A, AV, Super A, Super AV, Super A1, Super AV1, B, BN, C, Super C, 100, 130, 140, 200, 230, 240, 404, 2404 — Older models may require the purchase of a new style throw out bearing sleeve if the tractor is equipped with  a carbon (non-turning) throwout bearing.  New style throwout bearing sleeves are available by special order. Replaces: Clutch: 56631DB, 375695R92 — Throwout Bearing: 18567D, 361292R91 — Pressplate: 375493R91, 353242R92, 384383R91, 375547R91 — Pilot Bushing: 43291D, 364527R91,

9" diameter, 3 lever, 6 spring, pressure plate with .500 wide at the fingers —  Includes new pressure plate, new fiber spring loaded clutch disc, new press onthrowout bearing & new pilot bushing.

MFS165  Massey Ferguson Lower Stainless Grille Chin Trim  Fits: MF50, 65, 95 (UP TO SN 15601101),MFS165 Replaces: 182384MI + 182445MI (FASTENER) 7  3/4" O.A. Length — Includes 2 Trim Fasteners

MFS161 MFS161 Grille Center Bar Trim with Attaching Hardware Fits: MF50, 65, Replaces: 184804M1, Stainless Steel, 1 3/8" Wide 19" Overall Length