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Exact Reproduction Battery Box for IH Farmall Tractors


Our IHS3146 battery box with a lid will be your tractor’s delight. You will see the difference in this box that fits IH/Farmall I6, O6, W6 through W9, 600 diesel and 650 diesel series tractors. Enjoy a powder coated finish and rubber bumpers in the lid. View details >>

Choosing the Correct Battery for your Tractor

When you are shopping for a battery there are 3 different cranking amps the battery companies use. CCA= cold cranking amps this is a rating for 0-degrees, CA = cranking amps this is a rating for 32-degrees and HCA is a rating for 80 degrees. What you will want to compare is the cold cranking amps (cca) of batteries. The other 2 ratings can be deceiving as they are for warmer temperatures.

Battery Sizes
Always try to find the biggest physical size battery that will fit your holder and try to compare how many plates are in the batteries (more plates = more cca)

8 Volt Batteries
Usually purchasing an 8-volt battery is not advisable unless your charging system is very good, it takes a good generator, regulator or cutout system to keep an 8-volt battery fully charged.  Usually poeple look at changing to an 8-volt because their tractor is hard to start, this goes back to having a good charging system so the battery can crank the engine fast enough.