OH – The Miami Valley Steam Threshers Association @ Past Time Park
Jul 18 – Jul 21 all-day
OH - The Miami Valley Steam Threshers Association @ Past Time Park

Located in the beautiful Pastime Park in Plain City, Miami Valley Steam Threshers 70th Annual Show and Reunion will feature Oliver. You will be able to enjoy not just our large display of tractors, steam and gas engines, but also watch them being used in our demonstrations throughout the day. Nightly entertainment includes tractor games, lawn mower pulls, a grand parade through downtown, steam engine spark show and tractor/truck pulls, all included for $5 admission.

IL – 57th Will County Threshermen’s Antique Tractor, Steam Engines & Gas Engine Show @ Spies Farm
Jul 18 – Jul 21 all-day
IL - 57th Will County Threshermen's Antique Tractor, Steam Engines & Gas Engine Show @ Spies Farm

This is a wonderful family event. You will learn about antique steam engines. You will get to see tractor pulls, how farm equipment is really used in past and present times.

You can shop for new and antique items. Activities for the children.

Those who attend the Will County Threshermen’s Association Show can expect to be transported back to yesteryear. Steam engines, antique gasoline tractors, gas engines, antique automobiles, and other machines provide a working testimonial to the genius of previous generations.

A typical day on the show grounds begins with the clank of scoops. Like their historic counterparts, today’s engineers are building coal fires in the fireboxes of their steam engines. Soon, smoke is trailing skyward from a dozen smokestacks. One by one, engineers turn on their blowers, and the hiss of steam assists the draft. Before long, iron flywheels revolve, and the first engine chuffs forward from its berth in the overnight line-up. Its great driver wheels carry the steamer softly across the turf.

Perhaps the engine is going toward the water wagon or the coal pile, but it may be ready to belt to the fan that tests the engine’s power or to the sawmill. In the vicinity of the parade route are antique automobiles glistening in the early sunshine. Their owners have ensured that not so much as a fingerprint mars the waxed surfaces of their vehicles. Further on stand the concessions with the aroma of coffee drifting on the morning breeze. In the shade of venerable oaks rest gasoline engines of every size, color, and description. Within the hour, several of them will contribute their snappy exhausts to the symphony of sound.

The vendors in the flea market are carefully lifting the plastic sheets that have covered and protected their wares overnight. They greet passersby with friendly conversation. Along the sloping hills stand row on row of antique tractors. Most are gasoline fired, but a few burn kerosene. The tractors comprise an open-air museum of working machines. In a few hours, many of them will take part in the tractor pull. Many also will demonstrate plowing in a field close by.

Nearby, an Avery Yellow Fellow thresher and at least one other separator stand by, ready for their crews to arrive. When a proud steam engine is belted to the Yellow Fellow, thus powering it, the pitchers toss bundles of wheat into the thresher’s mouth, the straw rains down from the windstacker, and the clean grain pours into a wagon. Spectators are treated to a memorable scene.

The nearby corn sheller portrays another important facet of America’s agricultural past. By the time the steam engines blow their whistles to announce that it is the noon hour, the showgrounds are alive with motion. Horses pull wagons loaded with families. In the shade of the oaks, people gather to eat lunch (available on the grounds) while all around them are the sights and sounds of another era–an epoch that nostalgic writers term “the good ol’ days.”

After the parading, the threshing, the corn shelling, the saw milling, the tractor pulling, and the plowing, the day settles gently into evening. Possibly a steam engine will conclude the festivities by burning sawdust while working on the fan, thereby providing a spark display at dusk.

The Will County Threshermen’s Association is pleased to present four full days of such entertainment with lasting educational value for all. The show is small enough to offer a friendly, stress-free atmosphere while large enough to provide a comprehensive view of America’s rural legacy.

WA – Vintage Farming Days @ Berthusen Park
Jul 31 – Aug 3 all-day
WA - Vintage Farming Days @ Berthusen Park

Come and enjoy one of the largest Antique Tractor, Machinery and Gas Engine Show in Washington State.

WV – Shinnston Frontier Days Tractor Show @ Corner of Pike and Main Street
Aug 24 all-day
NY – Antique Engine Jamboree @ Hanford Mills Museum
Sep 7 all-day
NY - Antique Engine Jamboree @ Hanford Mills Museum

The 36th annual Dan Rion Memorial Antique Engine Jamboree and Powerfest will feature antique tractors, hit and miss engines, Doodlebugs, model engines, radio-control boats, as well as cars, pick up trucks, and farm machinery. A 1926 Ahrens Fox NS4 fire pumper will spray water over the Mill pond. Visitors can take a spin around the Museum site on the 1957 Metropolitan Nash Hook and Ladder Fire Truck ride from the Catskill Game Farm. Hanford Mills will be operating its steam boiler and steam engines to operate the mill’s machinery.

IN – Annual Fall Harvest Festival @ Sunset Hill Farm County Park
Sep 27 – Sep 29 all-day

Our Fall Harvest Festival is a great event to have fun with the whole family! Lots of live demonstrations including a steam powered sawmill, threshing, shingle making, corn shelling, and field demonstrations. We have a market now featuring members of Indiana Grown. We have a kids area and a kiddie tractor pull, antique cars, trucks, and military vehicles and plenty of food and shade available!

IL – Sycamore Steam Show & Threshing Bee @ Taylor Marshall Farm
Aug 13 – Aug 16 all-day
IL - Sycamore Steam Show & Threshing Bee @ Taylor Marshall Farm

Northeastern Illinois’ largest Steam Exhibition and Tractor Show! See threshing, sawmill, corn shelling, silo filling and stationary baling demonstrations along with flour and corn meal grinding as well as an operating steam shovel. Free rides offered on the PSRR scale model railroad. Live music, wagon rides and other activities. Large Flea Market and plenty of food available including Fays Pork Chop and Chicken Barbeque. Parking Free. Admission just $7, Seniors just $5 on Thursday. Children under 12 free. Steam, Ag Tractor & Garden Tractor Parade Daily at 1:30 PM.