My name is Dave and the tractor story I have is about a 1944 Case model DO. What started all this was my father and I were sitting down at my parents house in Florida. They bought a house there over seven years ago and moved there full time.

Now back at our old family house hold around Christmas time we would pick a piece of equipment or a machine and decorate it with lights for the holidays. The last time we all as a family did that was in 2007. So two years ago around November early December my father and I were talking about how fun it was putting the lights up and how we both enjoy our tractors and machines. The last tractor we did was our 1941 Farmall H and it looked good so we thought and talked about how can we do this in a subdivision in Florida?? Well after some time trying to figure out how to get a tractor home, we found one that worked perfectly!

Here’s the Paul Harvey story lol, I was on the internet and found an ad for our Case tractor that the man we bought it from couldn’t keep anymore. So naturally we inquired about it and found it in Tampa Florida about a 30 minute drive from our house. Now when we got the directions where to meet the guy we were surprised to find out it was a Bird Sanctuary. Mr Zaksee was his name and birds were his game. This place was just amazing for what it was and sure enough there was the little Case sitting by a tree. After awhile of chatting and some laughs we made a deal and the very next day got a trailer and picked her up and brought her home. And boy what a feeling it is bringing a new toy home. The main reason we purchased the Case was for a Christmas ornament for our home. And to find a vintage tractor in a bird scantuary is neato.

We fell in love with it because it needed to be saved from where it was. We brought it home and cleaned her up. Even put a quick coat of Case orange to protect it a little. When Christmas came around that Case looked great in our subdivision.

David Foltz Jr.
Spring Hill, Florida