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Ford 8N & Wagon Restoration

Cleaning out the dairy pens with a 1948 8N was my first job when I was 8 yrs old.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA In 2003 my wife found a basket case 8N for sale and bought it for me. I took 4 months to restore it in time to have our 10-yr-old grandson, Luke, drive it in the local parade. He won a blue ribbon. I still had my childhood tractor key for the 8N and over 50 years later it worked in the restored tractor. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Wagon-Before Then… I began searching for running gear so we could build a parade wagon for our grandkids. Just 5 miles from our home I found one sitting in the weeds on a farm where the old wagon had been used to haul irrigation pipe. After pumping up the tires (yes they took air) We hauled it home and with a cutting torch stripped it down so a new frame could be made to receive wooden rails and benches. We built a nice step on the back and seats to haul 15 people. We even wired a 12 volt system so we could have LED lights on the wagon. 8N-Wagon-After Maiden voyage with the tractor and wagon was for one of our granddaughters 9th birthday with her friends. Then Christmas caroling. By-the-way the 8N serial number is: 24342 (A Palindrome- reads the same backwards). Now we are finished another ’48 8N which will be a twin. Our grandkids (as well as myself) are all learning to drive these great tractors of history. Thank you Henry Ford and Harry. And thank Steiner and others like them who keep this wonderful enjoyment going.!

Dick Shrader
Modesto, California

Piston Pump Seat Install & Removal Tools


Our exclusive specialty tools are made to remove (FDS2855) and install (FDS2857) the valve seats within a piston style hydraulic pump on a Ford NAA – 4610 and 6000 series making a complete pump rebuild a possibility. For years these costly tools have only been available from a Ford dealer. Use our USA made, tough S7 steel tools to replace the valve seats in your hydraulic pump rebuild for a fraction of the cost.

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New Hydraulic Parts for your Ford Tractor

Hydraulic Line for Ford TractorsStop searching for used! Now back in stock are the FDS074 new hydraulic lines. Made in the USA, these lines are a direct replacement for Ford NAA, Jubilee, Golden Jubilee when equipped with a piston style hydraulic pump.

Hydraulic Line for Ford TractorsReplace your vane pump hydraulic lines on your Ford NAA, Jubilee, Golden Jubilee economically with our FDS3017 adapter plate. CNC machined for an exact fit, our plate is used when the vane pump is replaced with a piston type pump. Customer must reuse the vane pump lines and change the pump flange. Download instructions here. New o-rings are included for a leak free installation. Order today!

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Get your Tractor Started


Need to get your tractor started?

We have a complete line of ignition parts from switches to tune up kits. Replace those defective ignition parts with our quality tune up kits, wires and caps.

Our made in the USA spark plug wires have copper cores for superior conductivity and our caps have brass contacts.

To ensure maximum performance for many years our switches are manufactured from OEM specifications to ensure correct fit and long life.

We may also have a complete replacement distributor or magneto to replace a worn or missing one.

Don’t wait to get your tractor going and order today>>

Hydraulic Lift Cover Repair Video

hyd-lift-cover-repairFord Ferguson Lift Cover Repair ~ Rachel Gingell goes thru the steps to repair a lift cover on a Ford 8N, the steps will also work on a Ford 9N, Ford 2N, Massey Ferguson TO20 or Massey Ferguson TO30. Many of the bolts and pins were removed or loosened ahead to save time. This video is one of a series of videos we are making with Rachel to help with your tractor restoration.

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Marvel Schebler Carburetor Repair by Rachel Gingell

RachelWe are excited to introduce you to Rachel Gingell, she will be sharing her knowledge thru fun and educational videos on tractor repair and maintenance.

As a preschooler, Rachel carried her child-sized rocking chair out to her dad’s barn and planted it firmly next to the workbench. “I want to learn about tractors,” she insisted, and a father-daughter partnership was born. By age 10 Rachel was competing in tractor pulls, and at age 15 she started auctioning farm equipment professionally. Years later, Rachel’s childhood interest in farm equipment is still going strong. She’s become an integral part of the family business and an innovator in her own right, with her work featured in the Red Power and Green magazines. Rachel specializes in developing technological tools to expand the tractor enthusiast community. She is a pioneer in online-only auction sales and created Tractor Guide, an iPhone app that allows people to determine the year any tractor was built. An alumnus of Cedarville University and Missouri Auction School, Rachel is an active member of Maranatha Baptist Church of Clarkston, MI. Besides tractors, Rachel also enjoys motorcycles, baking and sewing.

In this “From the Barn” installment Rachel will show you how to repair and clean our Marvel Schebler carburetor, one of the most common and asked about repair for a wide range of tractors. Also review extra tips that will help you through your own repair with ease. Watch this video at

Ford Jubilee

Ford-Front FordThis Ford Jubilee was restored by my husband, Ed Haney, along with his brother, Joe Haney, and grandfather, Dan Gregoire. Tractors are in their blood. They all farm and work on tractors. Ed does tractor pulls and is involved in Pioneer Power. They are part of a generation that is trying to keep that passion alive! They are a John Deere loving family, but for this beautiful tractor they made an exception. The tractor is owned by Roger Barber. I’m a photographer and often take photos of projects of theirs and other farm things. Ed wanted to get the photos done of the Ford at sunset. They turned out pretty well!!

Kandice Haney
Marshall, Minnesota

Renewing the Old – Restoration of my Great-Grandfather’s 1953 Ford Jubilee


In 2006, I was able to obtain my great-grandpa’s 1953 Ford Jubilee that was in need of significant work.  Everything was rusty, oily, and greasy, but, for the most part, operational – just not reliable.  So, my father-in-law agreed to help restore the family tractor and I owe him a lot of credit for the mechanical aspects of the restoration along with a local mechanic for the engine work.

The engine was overhauled while the tractor was torn down to the frame, cleaned, sanded, and prepared for painting.  All of the paint work was completed by me while the mechanical work was completed and coordinated by my father-in-law.  Every aspect of the tractors external frame, fenders, hood and wheels were disassembled, prepared, primed and painted in a make-shift plastic sheet paint booth created in the garage.  “Memorial dents” remain in the front grill area as they have been there since I can remember and are there now as a memorial to my grandpa and great-grandpa for the hard work the tractor gave to them and now to me.  I have the original owners manual along with some documentation in the handwriting of my great-grandpa for the first oil change!  Decals were applied and the finishing touches were completed to the state seen now.

The work began in May 2006 and concluded in July 2006.  The tractor was originally passed on to my now deceased Grandpa James, then to his sister-in-law and then to me.  He did not know I was going to restore the tractor so he was extremely surprised when I drove it the 5 miles to his home with a much different look than when he saw it last!

The tractor remains in working order and I continue to work on various details of the tractor along the way.  It is an honor to now have the tractor that was used to provide for my entire family for four generations, and, it now awaits its turn to serve the 5th generation as time passes and it is handed over to my five year old son Jack when the time is right!

Dwayne Young
Lawsonville, North Carolina